Case Studies

Tom Waits

Tom Waits, an iconic musician with a dedicated fanbase, had an extensive mailing list that was underutilized and inactive. The challenge was to re-engage this audience and generate excitement around the release of his new record….

Doheny Days

Discover how Oniracom transformed Doheny Days into a digital sensation. Through strategic website and social network development, targeted advertising, and engaging contests, we achieved a 2,000,000% growth in Facebook Interaction Rate (FIR) and a 650% higher than average Google AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR). Our comprehensive festival branding, including a custom typeface, vibrant logos, and stylish merchandise, played a pivotal role in the festival’s sold-out success. …

Community Environmental Council (CEC)

We’ve worked with CEC and their Earth Day event for over a decade bringing in operational project management and ideation to pre-production, and developed marketing and live event engagement strategies that rolled out through the production of each event and campaign, improving and advancing year over year. Together, we’ve not only amplified CEC’s brand positioning but also championed numerous initiatives that have left a lasting imprint on the community….

Ray’s Infused Lemonade

Ray’s Infused Lemonade chose Oniracom as an agency partner whose integrated video & photo production team equipped Ray’s to expand awareness to enter the California market. Our team developed California-centric content to support Ray’s market entry and ongoing marketing growth.

Manna Molecular

Manna Molecular came to Oniracom with an exciting product and a need to go to market. SpeedTabs was Manna’s new entry into the sublingual cannabis space, but deserved more distinction to really stand out from the tinctures and other options in this niche category. Our business and marketing strategy positioned their brand as a new product category…

Proyo Ice Cream

Sweet Retail Success. Proyo needed a marketing partner to help roll out their launch and a way to differentiate themselves from other major players. In the cluttered U.S. frozen dessert industry, over 1.54 billion gallons of ice cream and related desserts are sold each year. Our intelligence work, pulling data from over 200,000 people online, revealed that good taste is what matters most to consumers, yet “healthy ice cream” has a reputation for bad taste. Our team helped them deliver…

Santa Barbara Bar

Santa Barbara Bar had a delicious product that needed an upgrade to be able to scale. SB Bar needed a team to help elevate their small-town brand to go large. Working with our retail and CPG experts, we designed gorgeous new marketing initiative and packaging design for their product line that focused on photographing fresh ingredients and highlighting flavors that makes their product perfect snack bars…

Ashland Leather

Using rich media to sell the senses on a product you need to feel to believe. Ashland’s story is great: old-fashioned American-made goods from the best leather in the world, with a built-in fanbase from the EDC and New Americana movements. The challenge was that the company’s web experience left consumers unsure which model was right for them, and the site photos were literally lackluster: they failed to show the shine and grain of the beautiful wallets…

Pacific Stone

Lighting up the market with intelligence driven creative.
Pacific Stone started with a great product and an emerging sense of brand. They wanted to capitalize on the rapid rise of cannabis use in California, and saw that, without real data to inform their next steps, they could miss the opportunity. They engaged us to drive growth by helping shape their overall identity, which then informed all aspects of their sales, marketing, and event strategy, right down to the packaging….

Santa Barbara Bowl

World-class venue, world-class heart. The Santa Barbara Bowl came to Oniracom in 2012 as an established world-class concert venue looking for a way to deepen its impact as a force for community good. Using Actionable Intelligence insights, we invigorated their online marketing efforts with…


Using thought leadership to drive international sales.
Curvature came to Oniracom as a newly rebranded company looking to secure a foothold in the international market with NetSure, their new hardware maintenance service. Oniracom dove deep into data, and determined that…