Big brands need big insights; Oniracom leverages big data to listen to millions before we speak. 

Oniracom is not just another agency. We deliver results for brands that matter. We have deep expertise across entertainment & lifestyle brands, sustainability, consumer products, technology and a passion for social good. 

We encourage brands to become triple bottom line focused - a balance of people, planet & profits - which genuinely engage today's consumers.  

We create authentic and lasting relationships between brand and fan.


Oniracom (oh•neer•uh•com) means communicating dreams.  Working with mission-driven business motivates us to partner with teams on innovative campaigns.

We are not just another agency.  We are the new breed, a collaborative of world-class experts perfecting a process that pollinates audience intelligence + brand strategy + marketing activation to best connect brands with influential consumers driving growth in competitive markets.

ONIRACOM provides unprecedented solutions to escalate meaningful and innovative companies.

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Some of Our Successes

Our Process

The old agency model of hiring several teams is fragmented and clunky. Our contemporary & iterative process enables us to "do it all" under one roof, providing ease, efficiency & precision.


oniracom uncovers new prospects for your brand through cutting-edge social intelligence. Our analysis predicts consumer behavior. WE PUT YOUR BRAND IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE PEOPLE WHO BUY WHAT YOU SELL. 

oniracom then crafts and showcases your brand's purpose and pledge. this work STRENGTHENs and elevates your BRAND EQUITY, fosters meaningful consumer relationships, and builds active communities.

next, Our team uses strategic and tactical marketing to activate analysis and architecture. We acquire, engage, convert, and retain consumers. this work maximizes sales and expands YOUR community.


as an oniracom partner, we engage you in a deep network to further accelerate your brand through opportunities related to strategic partnerships,brand extensions, licensing, and/or Mergers & acquisitions.

  Welcome to Oniracom, located in Santa Barbara, CA.

Welcome to Oniracom, located in Santa Barbara, CA.


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