Oniracom is not just another agency.

We deliver results for premium brands that matter. We have deep expertise across entertainment, lifestyle, eco, consumer products and a soft spot for social good.


We are not just another agency.  We are the new breed, a collaborative of world-class experts perfecting a process that pollinates social intelligence + brand strategy + digital activation to best connect our brand partners with influencer consumers to drive scale within fast-moving competitive markets.

ONIRACOM provides unprecedented solutions to escalate meaningful and innovative companies.

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Some of Our Successes


Our Beginning

We cut our teeth at the crossroads of music and philanthropy, starting in 2001 as the agency of record for a then little-known artist named Jack Johnson. He aimed to use his talent to benefit environmental and humanitarian concerns. We immersed ourselves in supporting this dream. Connecting with fans, while taking full advantage of the social, streaming, apps, mobile and digital world exploding around us, we built a cause-driven global community. Jack's dream was realized: millions raised for compelling causes through sold-out stadiums, merchandise sales, and nonprofit donations.

Fast forward to today, and we are still busy harnessing dreams so big you might say they’re elephant-sized.

Even though days of VIP globetrotting with Jack’s band are long behind us, the legacy of going all-in remains. We approach each client the only way we know how: as a partner. That means building a deep relationship, understanding ambitious goals, and setting a clear path toward success.


“The team offers valuable insight and expertise in illustrating our brands and artists. They simply 'get it' and share the same energy with every project."

— The Artist Organization


Why the Elephant?

It represents a lot of who we are. Like the great pachyderm, we stay true to those in our herd while also welcoming new members. We never forget lessons learned along the way, passing this wisdom to clients. And when barriers emerge in the new frontiers of our digital age, we aren’t afraid to use our tusks to push them aside.

Our reputation for creativity, innovation, and deep integrity leads world-renowned entertainment and lifestyle brands to gather at our watering hole. Sony, Disney, Universal, Warner, Sonos, Deckers and The Santa Barbara Bowl, along with a host of startups and nonprofits, are drawn here when stakes are high and only a trusted team will do. And yes, Jack Johnson is still marching along with us too. Once you’ve joined the pack, you’re in for life. 


Our Network 

Our herd also includes an open architecture network of extraordinarily talented dreamers, technologists, producers, and innovators. These partners put a full suite of services at your fingertips allowing us to move you forward, no matter where your needs lie.  

We partner with our clients to deliver brand strategy, audience intelligence, marketing activation, and tactical deliverables such as website development, e-commerce, video production, print design, copywriting, online advertising, SEO, PR, celebrity marketing, social media campaigns, etc.

We're not just another agency.


Your Story is Worth Knowing

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