Community Environmental Council (CEC) Over A Decade of Transformative Partnership

For over a decade, Oniracom, a full-service Santa Barbara-based branding and marketing creative agency, has stood shoulder to shoulder with the Community Environmental Council (CEC), an organization committed to combating the climate crisis and catalyzing systemic change. This enduring partnership has been characterized by a shared vision, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to building a more sustainable future for California’s Central Coast.

In this comprehensive case study, we delve into the impactful journey of collaboration between Oniracom and CEC. Together, we’ve not only amplified CEC’s brand positioning but also championed numerous initiatives that have left a lasting imprint on the community.

The Results

CEC gained the organizational tools & connections to further their impact.

CEC has great creative content including videos that clearly communicates what they do.

CEC now reaches more people than ever.

Organizational & Event Support

Brand Strategy & Identity

50th Campaign Highlights 

50th Anniversary Campaign Overview

Oniracom’s partnership with the Community Environmental Council (CEC) for their 50th Anniversary Campaign was marked by a multifaceted approach. We began by creating a comprehensive campaign playbook, strategically highlighting real-life climate projects and gamifying donations. 

Our management of social media advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google, aimed to engage targeted audiences, gain followers, and drive donations. We leveraged the power of video production, crafting emotionally impactful content to inspire donations and online engagement. 

Additionally, we designed and distributed four impactful physical mailers tailored to specific audiences. Towards the campaign’s conclusion, we strategically ran print ads in Central Coast publications, providing additional value. Subsequent slides delve into the details of how Oniracom’s multifaceted strategies fueled the success of CEC’s milestone 50th Anniversary Campaign.

Video Production
Television Commercials

Video Production
Instagram Stories

Testimonials From CEC

“Our partnership with Oniracom over the past decade has contributed
From updating our brand identity and helping us refine our messaging, to creating
compelling fundraising and awareness campaigns, their contributions have been KEY
TO OUR GROWTH. We’re sincerely grateful for Oniracom’s support and
expertise in helping us achieve CEC’s goals.

Sigrid Wright
CEO/Executive Director

“ I’ve been in event production for over 20 years, and working with
ONIRACOM STANDS OUT. Their approach to Santa Barbara’s Earth Day
event was both professional and innovative. They brought effective project management
tools and genuine enthusiasm, ELEVATING THE EVENT AND EXPANDING
ITS REACH. Simply put, Oniracom was great to have on board and I’m
genuinely stoked for our next opportunity to work together. ”

Warner Anderson
SB Earth Day Production Manager 2008-2020