Doheny Days Revitalizing an Iconic Festival for Viral Success

The Problem

Doheny Days, a once-iconic festival, required a full-scale revival after a seven-year hiatus. Omega Events needed to maximize ticket sales and create a buzz around the festival’s grand return.

The Solution

Oniracom partnered with Omega Events to transform Doheny Days into a digital sensation. Our comprehensive marketing campaign kicked off with a strategic website and social network development. To boost visibility and sales, we launched a targeted advertising campaign coinciding with ticket releases. Engaging contests and giveaways on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and the mailing list furthered audience interaction and fueled viral messaging.

As part of our work, Oniracom crafted the iconic Doheny typeface, featured prominently across various web properties leading up to the festival. The branding seamlessly transitioned from the digital to the physical, gracing the festival grounds and creating a unified brand experience.

Our impact extended beyond the digital realm. Oniracom produced a cohesive festival identity, including a vibrant logo, on-site signage that guided festival-goers, stylish wristbands, and must-have merchandise that became cherished souvenirs.

The Results

Achieved a staggering 2,000,000% growth in Facebook Interaction Rate (FIR)

Surpassed the
average Google AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR) by 650%

brought Doheny Days back to life with a sold-out festival

“Oniracom didn’t just revive our festival; they orchestrated a digital spectacle that fueled unprecedented engagement. The branding, website, and marketing strategy played a pivotal role in the festival’s triumphant return.”

– Festival Organizer, Omega Events

Campaign Highlights