Manna Molecular Introducing the Future of Cannabis.

The Problem

Manna Molecular came to Oniracom with an exciting product and a need to go to market.

The Solution

SpeedTabs was Manna’s new entry into the sublingual cannabis space, but deserved more distinction to really stand out from the tinctures and other options in this niche category.

Our business and marketing strategy positioned their brand as a new product category, directly competing with other forms of cannabis, putting SpeedTabs up against flower, edibles, and concentrates. This strategy successfully differentiated from the other sublinguals that would only confuse consumers.

By introducing SpeedTabs as a unique category, we avoided the baggage of sublinguals and instead helped budtenders and consumers begin to learn a new language. Our work extended across an omnichannel education campaign for budtenders and consumers, driven by infographics, videos, lifestyle photography, and webwork.

The Results

Left the sublingual category behind with developing the new SpeedTabs category

Delivered detailed and unique content across channels to educate budtenders and consumers alike

Consistent month over month sales and territory growth since launch with new states on the horizon

Experience the future of cannabis. Now.

Campaign Highlights