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Lighting up the market with intelligence – driven creative

Oniracom has always gone the extra mile for us. They provided comprehensive artistic and creative direction, produced substantial, professional photography and video, and built the foundation for Pacific Stone’s brand presence online with a beautifully designed website.




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sales growth since launch

Pacific Stone started with a great product and an emerging sense of brand.

They wanted to capitalize on the rapid rise of cannabis use in California, and saw that, without real data to inform their next steps, they could miss the opportunity. They engaged us to drive growth by helping shape their overall identity, which then informed all aspects of their sales, marketing, and event strategy, right down to the packaging. 

Recognizing a growing trend of “craft cannabis” in the industry, Pacific Stone wanted to distinguish themselves. They wanted to be more like Two Buck Chuck (the hugely popular Trader Joe’s wine) or Budweiser: high quality, inexpensive, accessible, and plentiful.

Using our Actionable Intelligence analysis, we helped them step into this space in high style. Presenting them as the quintessential California coastal lifestyle brand, we steered their marketing to focus on Pacific Coast scenes, friends, and making great memories. We also helped them establish a large spread of SKUs to fit any party or need, opening their market up by being less specialized.

We created social media, video, and event content that perfectly aligned with their target consumer’s needs, as well as training videos to empower budtenders to sell to the right consumer.

This work positioned them as a low-price leader in the category. We showed that positioning as high quantity, high quality was totally feasible, proven by their revenues and growth. Pacific Stone has seen consistent revenue growth as they edged past the rest of their competitors and claimed the distinction of being the top preroll on Eaze, one of the largest home delivery services in California. Today, Pacific Stone is in over 350 dispensaries – a number that’s growing by the day.



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