Actionable Intelligence

In order to navigate effectively, you must first master the landscape. We use social listening, consumer research and machine learning to equip you with a profound understanding of your market ecosystem, your core customers and your toughest competitors.

How much do inaccurate, ill-informed decisions cost you?

Oniracom’s Actionable Intelligence™ provides a big-data booster shot ensuring smarter, more profitable decision making.

We comb through relevant market research and study audience interactions with products, places, and content to refine our intelligence. Our findings provide market implications and recommendations to guide your operational teams.

We utilize 3 fields of research, customizing the right mix of data – product, place, content – needed to achieve your objectives.


Product Intelligence

For consumer packaged goods, entertainment, eCommerce and retailers.

In 2018, 30,000 new products were launched. 24,000 failed. That’s 80%.

The CPG marketplace is vicious.

To optimize your product for success, we analyze product-market fit, top competitors, and category trends. We mitigate costly experimentation, and preempt possible failures, positioning your brand for long term traction.

Actionable Intelligence™ packages implications and recommendations to keep products moving off the shelf.

Place Intelligence

For city planners, real estate, place designers, destination marketers and brick & mortar retail.

Over the last decade in the US alone, some cities lost 5% of their population while others gained 20%+.

Rapidly changing demographics require new agility in decision-making to ensure property owners and managers are best serving their communities. City Planners must adapt their infrastructure to suit a fast-changing constituency. Realtors & retailers need to accurately respond to emerging market trends.

Actionable Intelligence™ delivers the blueprint for smart decisions in a rapidly evolving market.

Content Intelligence

For storytellers, bloggers, authors, video producers and content creators.

90% of all the data in the world was generated between 2017 and 2018.

300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.

20 million blogs written daily.

This is the noise that content creators have to compete against.

To ensure your content is in front of the right people at the right time, our Actionable Intelligence™ delivers specific recommendations to cut through the clutter.

We uncover what your audience is looking for, the content they love, the places they go, and how they consume it.

Actionable Intelligence™ enables your team to craft relevant content that converts.

After an initial evaluation of your data and business objectives, we will deliver a customized program recommendation.

Examples of our work