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Discovered Persona Affinities

Affinities, or psychographics, are the interests and attitudes of individuals towards topics ranging from politics to the media they consume. We combine psychographic data with demographic details so we can construct much more complete, sophisticated profiles of consumers, delivering a much richer profile that clearly presents who they really are.

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Hello-Bag – Product Study

Product Studies

To successfully bring our client’s concept from prototype to established brand, we started with an intelligence study on the market and target audience, followed by crafting a tailored Brand Platform. Our team identified their target market of value-conscious, cost-conscious, and environmentally conscious consumers and used that intelligence work to to the craft a complete data-driven…

Proyo – Ad Targeting for the Win

Advertising Product Studies & 1 More

Oniracom maximized ad impact and drove customers to retail stores by targeting the existing protein-loving audience. Based on sales numbers and social data, we pinpointed the top geographical areas to target and implemented a cross-channel, location-based campaign that built awareness before shopping and drove in-store discovery to close the sale. We also used trending hashtags…

Flame Cannabis Product Study

Product Studies

In order to best understand the effects of each strain, we ran a market research study with several hundred participants in Santa Barbara County. Each participant received 1 gram of flower from each of the 4 unnamed strains, and we collected their tasting notes on a paper survey. It was a fun and informative project,…

Demand Study

Place Studies

A Demand Study is one of 3 types of Place Studies that Oniracom currently runs. It reveals how a place draws in its stakeholders, ranging from visitors to occupants. We answer the questions of where they come from, how many at once, trends, mode of transport and destination. The image shown here is a visual…

Vibrancy Study

Place Studies

A Vibrancy Study is one of 3 types of Place Studies that Oniracom currently runs. It reveals the mix of businesses, categories of opportunities and unique offers available to the audience of a place, the aggregate use of each category, and the audience sentiment towards each offer. The image shown here is a visual representation…

Geo-Economic Study

Place Studies

A Geo-Economic Study is one of 3 types of Place Studies that Oniracom currently runs. This results in the visualization of a market and its geographic-based trends and growth pattern through understanding varying market conditions, comparing metrics in various geographies, and locating pockets of opportunity….

Get NetSure E-book Developed to Drive the Sales Funnel

Copywriting Graphic Design & 2 More

To position Curvature as an industry thought leader, we wrote and published a stand alone, evergreen e-book on the Future of Hardware. This, and an accompanying video we produced, served as a pivotal driver of our sales funnels high conversion rates. Download the e-book…