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We’re fortunate to have a video team that is still able to capture content at this time. Our team hit the road for Buttonwillow California to capture connect for Buttonwillow Warehouse Company (BWC), a family owned and operated agricultural business that’s served California farmers for over 50 years. 

Shooting at a total of 6 locations, our team interviewed various members of BWC from the founding family who continues to run the company, to it’s farm workers, in order to capture both BWC’s impressive landscapes, and the values that their company holds dear. Despite being a large company, they’ve kept small by industry standards to retain the values and purpose with their goal that because of Buttonwillow, “the single mom can still afford to buy produce for their child” and that their employees are able to support their families as well. 

The final product of our video team’s work of the shoot will be three videos – one for staff training, one for recruiting, and one for their website. We’re honored to have had a hand in work that directly impacts the food supply chain and that supports ButtonWillow Warehouse Co.’s ability to reach and educate others about their company.

Check out a sneak peak of the drone footage from the shoot: 

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