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Oniracom was recently certified as a Green Business Innovator! Certified Green Innovators have met the highest verifiable standards of sustainability.

“They represent the spirit of our work better than any words could describe. And they are leading the movement of businesses in California making a positive impact on people and the planet.”

California Green Business Network

Environmentalism and community are at the core of Oniracom’s culture and history. We’ve worked with many sustainability-focused organizations over the years, and have continually sought out new ways to become an even greener business. With guidance from the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County, we completed 47 measures to become certified as not only a “Green Business”, but also a “Green Innovator”. 

Environmentalism and social equity are inextricably connected, which is why being a “Green Innovator” also means implementing practices that promote social equity and sustainability. Some of these practices include providing healthcare for all full-time employees, offering green commuting options, having a community service policy that incorporates volunteerism into employee duties and pay, and holding events that benefit the community.

We want to encourage our clients to take care of our planet as well, which is why we selectively source our client’s merchandise and print materials from sustainable vendors.

Many of the measures and sustainable adjustments we made to our office can be easily adopted by other companies. We’re fortunate to belong to a community with so many incredible environmental organizations – many of whom we work with directly, and all who make sustainability more accessible.

Local organization Santa Barbara Channelkeeper offers a film plastic recycling program, the City Of Santa Barbara offers businesses a Commercial Foodscraps Composting Program, and Community Environmental Council (CEC), native to Santa Barbara and founded in 1970, is partnered with more than 100 organizations that together work across every focus area of environmentalism including intersectional environmentalism. Through their work with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and elsewhere, their vision includes an end to racial injustices and their resulting environmental inequities.

This network of community partnerships is critical to building the resilience we need to stay strong in the face of increased climate impacts and other disasters.

So what are some steps business can take to be greener?

The Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County, provides resources and assistance to businesses wanting to be green, certifies businesses through workshops and training, on-site visits and evaluations, and highlights certified businesses so that local consumers can shop green. The organization is also part of the California Green Business Program, a state-wide group supporting and promoting green businesses at the state and national levels.

Here are 10 of the 47 measures we completed:

  1. Complete a carbon footprint calculator to determine our greenhouse gas emissions. 
  1. Offer vegetarian/vegan options for meetings and company events.
  2. Order/print marketing materials and business cards on paper that is either: 100% recycled *or* FSC Certified with at least 30% post-consumer waste recycled content.
  3. Purchase or obtain previously used furniture, supplies, or materials.
  4. Donate furniture, supplies, scrap materials, etc., or use a waste exchange program where another business or organization can take your unwanted items.
  5. Conduct annual training to educate staff and workers about proper recycling and composting. Remind staff quarterly about waste reduction practices.
  6. Use certified non-toxic laundry, cleaning, and building maintenance products in non-aerosol containers.
  7. Use unbleached and/or processed chlorine-free (PCF) paper products (copy paper, paper towels, napkins, coffee filters, etc.).
  8. Conduct annual training to educate staff and workers about proper recycling and composting. Remind staff quarterly about waste reduction practices.
  9. Use a coffee machine that doesn’t require single-use pods made from aluminum or plastic.

How you can take action:

Individuals: Spread the word about the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County to the local businesses you frequent. Learn more.

Businesses: Complete an application today to start down the path of becoming a Green Business. Register here.

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