5 Pro-Tips for Livestreams & Online Video Recording

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We’ve captured the following advice from Oniracom Live-streaming Expert, Paul Mathieu.

1. Turn your phone sideways! High-definition video is either 1920×1080 pixels (aka “1080p HD”) or 1280×720 pixels (“720p HD”). Get the professional look by filming in the widescreen, 16:9 ratio – and then integrate additional videos and graphics.

2. It’s better to hear you, than see you. If you’re recording audio on a computer, phone, or pad – use your AirPods or similar bluetooth mics to capture audio closer to the source; your mouth. The built-in mic on your laptop captures a noisy room and sounds more distant. For a CNN worthy interview, use a bluetooth or lavalier mic to get the pro sound.

3. Watch the edges. If you’re including graphics, or inserting them into a livestream, leave a 10% margin from the edges of the frame – also called “title” and “action” safe buffers.

4. Stream smoothly. If you’re uploading 720p HD video (@30 frames per second), it’s a good idea to add a 40% buffer to your upload speed to maintain a proper stream. Visit speedtest.net to make sure you’re getting at least 4 Mbps upload speed. For 1080p HD video (@30 frames), maintain at least 6 Mbps. Also, skip connecting via WiFi and plan to connect with an ethernet cable to sustain a more reliable internet connection.

5. Retain resolution when recording interviews. Zoom and similar video conferencing apps are great for conducting real-time online interviews. The only catch – recording the session is fairly low resolution. Consider conducting the interview via Zoom, but recording each subject with a separate iPhone, or HD video camera, to later edit with. Transfers the high-resolution recordings to your editor via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Looking for a production space, equipment, and a seasoned live-streaming veteran to help your next project run smoothly? Oniracom’s Media Studio services may be just what you’re looking for! We’ve recently conducted live-streams for organizations including the Environmental Defense Center, Amazonia, and Community Environmental Council.

Our media studio services include photoshoots, video shoots, podcast recording, voice overs, and live streaming. All services conducted in accordance with all State of California & Santa Barbara County COVID-19 social distancing and sanitation policies. 

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