Oniracom Stands Against Racial Injustice

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With pain comes progress.  With extreme pain comes this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution. There was a time before George Floyd’s death, and now we live in a post George Floyd world.

I see “Liberty and Justice for All” as the ultimate American moonshot goal.  Slavery, Convict Leasing, Jim Crow, Lynchings, Segregation, Mass Incarceration, War on Drugs, Mandatory Minimums, Police Brutality — this is Black American history.  This is American history.  This history is not erased or past, this is our current situation.

Racism in America is not only individual, it is very much structural and systemic.  Our systems are unequal and unjust.  Economic disparities are designed inside these systems — housing, education, health care, employment, surveillance, criminal justice, to name a few.

Leadership from this White House is worse than non-existent, it’s intentionally divisive and inflammatory.  Hate crimes have risen under this administration.  White supremacists are emboldened.  Anti-immigrant rhetoric has intensified.  This is not a recipe for Liberty and Justice for All.

So what?  Now what?

It is our duty to change the way America understands human dignity.  It is our duty to educate ourselves and others about our history ignored in most school curriculums.  It is our duty to reach out to underprivileged neighbors with empathy.  It is our duty to listen, with open hearts and eager minds, to the black leaders who would help us bridge the cavernous void between where we are today and where we wish to go. It is our duty to protest and demand changes to the systems that we are all a part of.  It is our duty to start conversations with the people in our circles, and with the leaders of the places we work, and ask: “How do we use our words, actions, and policies to dismantle racial oppression – both subtle and overt?” 

George Floyd and the countless others who have been subject to police brutality and other forms of gross racial injustices have not died in vain.

We are committed to equality, justice and true progress.   

We are making the following commitments at Oniracom to ensure more inclusive practices for people of color, differently abled, women, trans and gender non-conforming individuals, and other members of historically and currently marginalized communities. 

  • Board of Advisors – We will seek to include more diversity on our Board of Advisors to broaden our viewpoint and vision.
  • Hiring & On-boarding – We will learn how to make our hiring and on-boarding processes more inclusive and accessible to underprivileged people.
  • Casting Selection –  We will focus on inclusive casting for all client and in-house productions, and broaden the network of partners we work with to achieve diversity.Vendor Relations – We will select vendors whose values and actions align with our own, and will not excuse actions or statements contrary to these values.
  • Community Engagement – We will work with local organizations, elected officials, and community organizers in support of advancing inclusivity and improving conditions for improving social equity for all.
  • Donations & Support – We will donate to the ACLU and similar progressive organizations as part of our commitment to the civil liberties, freedoms, and rights of all people. 

Yours in solidarity,
Jacob Tell, CEO








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