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Old Spanish Days Santa Barbara put together yet another incredible annual Fiesta filled with events, vendors, and unrivaled fun with friends and family. “Fiesta” is one of the Santa Barbara community’s longest running and most attended celebrations.

The five-day event has a long history in Santa Barbara. Dating back to 1924, Fiesta started as a way to honor the city’s heritage of Spanish, Mexican, and North American settlers and their many traditions. Over the years, the annual summer tradition has become a way to attract visitors and commemorate the city’s heritage through streets lined with mercados, Fiesta cuisine and souvenirs, various spectacles of elaborate parades and lively rodeos, and dancing to live music at every corner. 

Fiesta in all of its glory is an entertaining and unparalleled way of paying homage to Santa Barbara’s rich landscape of cultural diversity. It is a fan favorite in Santa Barbara, and definitely a favorite of the Oniracom team. Thanks to Old Spanish Days Santa Barbara, Inc., the pride of Santa Barbara stands resilient and strong and the traditions and heritage of the city’s first settlers remains preserved and honored. 




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