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This month, Travel In Company’s Summer Start Up Camp bought 75 Brazilian students to Oniracom for an engaging session on Social Media Marketing and Audience Insights led by our Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Wald!

Startup Summer Camp gives teens the experience they need as they enter college or have ideas about ventures they want to launch, by providing them with hands on workshops, discussions with successful entrepreneurs, company tours and more.

During their visit at Oniracom,  students asked question and engaged in discussion around topics including social media, tracking, market research, trending, and branding.

They were also able to tour the office and interact with art instillations and parade pieces by in-house artist Matthew McAvene

Looking to gain experiences around innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship?

Learn more about Travel In Company, or register for an upcoming camp to startup your future in entrepreneurship by visiting travelincompany.com.

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