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Cannabis packaging is an especially tough design project. As experts in cannabis rules and regulations, and as an agency with deep relationships with experienced packaging fabricators, we take the unique challenges of cannabis regulations in stride, and create beautiful, purchase-driving packaging, even when the playing field is in flux.

Keep the following in mind when designing a go to market consumer cannabis product:

1. Many startups use fixed or existing package die-lines because that is what their machines can pack/print/work with. This creates a challenge for bespoke and creative packaging designs.

2. The regulatory regime is constantly changing: the required size, color and position of warning labels is always being updated, and what you thought was right 6 months ago definitely isn’t compliant today. Additionally these regulations vary considerably by state, and wherever it is you’re selling your product, much of the packaging real estate is taken up by regulatory indicia warnings, required text and mandatory symbols, which can leave little room to view the actual product.

3. There is unnecessary additional expense for prototyping, printing, reprinting, and revising labels for packaging that could have been done right the first time.

4. Secondary distributor labeling has to go on AFTER your label/package is made. Where will it end up? Will the branding and color scheme match? How do you future proof your packaging for future batches of flower?

5. The order of operations is difficult. You need pictures of product for launch on your website, but packaging is always the last item finalized because frequent changes in rules and regulations mean that dielines are often switched late in the game.

So how do we navigate these challenges?

In taking our expertise of the cannabis industry to the drawing board, delivering clear templating and dielines to experienced packaging fabricators, and using experienced product photographers, we create and showcase beautiful, purchase-driving packaging. We also create 3D packaging renders, so even if the timeline gets tight, your brand will be compelling, cohesive, and ready to be viewed online by future customers.

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