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Oniracom is proud to introduce you to our friends at Meissner Filtration Products. Meissner enables pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing by providing advanced process solutions that encompass a wide variety of filtration media available in an unparalleled range of form factors, innovative single-use systems, and an expanding portfolio of automation platforms.

Meissner turned to Oniracom to produce a video that their international sales team uses in high profile meeting. This video acts as a tool so they spend less time talking about their capabilities and culture and more time listening to their client’s needs.  

Our team collaborated with Meissner to produce a fairly lengthy 5-minute video that showcases their facilities, company culture, and expertise.   The video was produced in full 4K and features 19 Oniracom selected and booked actors and various Meissner scientists in 11 scenes.

We are proud to be partnered with such a world class organization, and look forward to hearing how many more sales team Meissner closes with the help of this video storytelling.

Let’s tell your corporate story today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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