Proyo – Ad Targeting for the Win

Oniracom maximized ad impact and drove customers to retail stores by targeting the existing protein-loving audience. Based on sales numbers and social data, we pinpointed the top geographical areas to target and implemented a cross-channel, location-based campaign that built awareness before shopping and drove in-store discovery to close the sale.

We also used trending hashtags and forecasting to encourage customers to share their first taste online. Micro and macro influencers we identified shared images and recipes featuring Proyo. These consumer-driven stories propelled sales.

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Hello-Bag – Product Study

Product Studies

To successfully bring our client’s concept from prototype to established brand, we started with an intelligence study on the market and target audience, followed by crafting a tailored Brand Platform. Our team identified their target market of value-conscious, cost-conscious, and environmentally conscious consumers and used that intelligence work to to the craft a complete data-driven…

Flame Cannabis Product Study

Product Studies

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Discovered Persona Affinities

Product Studies

Affinities, or psychographics, are the interests and attitudes of individuals towards topics ranging from politics to the media they consume. We combine psychographic data with demographic details so we can construct much more complete, sophisticated profiles of consumers, delivering a much richer profile that clearly presents who they really are….