Product Photography for Manna Molecular

Our team produced product photography for cannabis brand, Manna Molecular Science CBD. The product images are being used on their website and across various marketing materials to introduce their innovative sublingual “SpeedTabs” to the world.

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More Examples of Photo Production

Photography for K. Frank

Photo Production

We are excited to present our recently produced high-end photoshoot that captures the essence of K. Frank’s luxury fashion. This project was designed to deliver high-quality content for their new Designer Pitch Deck and Website but also extend its versatility to PR, social media, and other marketing collateral. The photoshoot featured the founders, capturing their…

Photography for The 805 Room

Photo Production

We’re excited to show off the photography we produced for exclusive and boutique Santa Barbara recording studio, The 805 Room. With our deep roots in the music industry and over two decades of experience working with music clients, it’s been a true pleasure to collaborate with The 805 Room Co-Founders Jim Salvito and Perry Norton…

Photography for Leading Cannabis Industry Software, Treez

Photo Production

Our team headed into multiple dispensaries to capture content that shows how Treez’s software is increasing revenue, streamlining operations, and driving profitability for cannabis retailers in California. Used and trusted by over 5 million unique customers, Treez empowers cannabis businesses to streamline all their retail and supply chain operations. Our photography was produced in conjunction…

Photography for Figueroa Law Group

Photo Production

We worked with Figueroa Law Group to produce their photography and newly launched website, direct brand strategy, and create thought-leadership content. In creating their site, it was vital that we communicated their level of experience across diverse areas of practice, as well as their ties to Santa Barbara. The photography from our shoot enabled us…

Lifestyle Photography for Manna Molecular

Photo Production

Our team produced lifestyle photography for cannabis brand, Manna Molecular Science CBD. The images served as implementation of the strategy work we did for the brand, and are being used on their website and across various marketing materials to introduce their innovative sublingual “SpeedTabs” to the world….

Lifestyle Photography for Music Artist, Antonio Buell

Photo Production

This lifestyle photography was informed by our brand strategy, and produced images that support a unique visual identity for all marketing materials, allowing this emerging artist solidify his brand….

Hello Bag – Product Photography

Photo Production

After using our Actionable Intelligence™ to identify Hello-Bag’s target market of value-conscious, cost-conscious, and environmentally conscious consumers, our team produced product photography that cleanly showcased their product and spoke to that audience. The photos were leveraged on their website and social media platforms….

Proyo Photography

Photo Production

Using our Actionable Intelligence, we helped Proyo deliver what their audience wanted, delicious content. Our intelligence work identified personas that drove our casting choices and content creation. We created visuals that show one delicious bite creating enthusiastic fans across 6 key demographics. “Oniracom’s ability to identify and target the right audiences with spot on creative…

Flame Cannabis Photography

Photo Production

The company stemmed from a wealth of history in flowers and wholesale cannabis, and wanted to bring that to this new brand, so we crafted visuals that helped Flame blossom and bloom. The photography played into a four-part sense campaign, delivering flower with specific cannabinoid profiles to fit each mood of the day, and deliver…

Ashland Leather E-commerce Website

Website Production Photo Production & 2 More

We updated their website to improve eCommerce sales using new product photos form our creative team for their amazing line of wallets….