Oniracom Video Production – Behind the Scenes of Our Shoot for Cannabis Client, Manna Molecular

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We’re excited to show off the video work our team created for cannabis brand, Manna Molecular. Following an intelligence study and brand work, our team created the content to introduce their innovative sublingual “SpeedTabs” to the world.

The video campaign was designed to educate consumers and budtenders on the modern technology of Manna Molecular’s product, innovative subligual tablets that rapidly deliver a precise dose of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, with onset in 5 minutes or less, and offset in 60 minutes. The commercials needed to clearly convey that their product is not an edible, but a new form of cannabis that dissolves under the tongue. The videos also needed to speak to their target audiences and personas, allowing viewers to see how a product like Manna SpeedTabs would fit into their lives.

The commercials were filmed in our production studio at the Oniracom headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, where Oniracom Video Specialist and Cannabis Consultant, Luke Archer, directed our production team.

Following the shoot, the videos were adapted to fit various formats and reworked for optimal dimensions, per platform. The final deliverables included 4k video commercials in horizontal and vertical aspect ratios, as well as several videos ready for posting on Instagram and Facebook Stories and Feeds, with motion graphics and logo animation.

Social Shorts That Show Personality & How The Product Fits into The Lives of Different Segments of Manna Molecular’s Target Audience:

15 Second Instagram Feed Videos That Quickly Show How to Use the Product:

Production Day Behind-The-Scenes Photos:

Our Team Also Produced Lifestlye & Product Photograohy for Manna Molecular

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