Oniracom Cannabis Consultant Liz Rogan ft. on Montel Williams’ “Let’s Be Blunt”

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Oniracom cannabis consultant, Liz Rogan, was recently featured on cannabis lifestyle and interview show, “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel”. The show explores the intersection of cannabis, activism, health, and wellness. It works to bridge the gap between common cannabis knowledge and in-depth research, while also giving high-profile guests a chance to “be blunt” about their lives, what they’re passionate about, and what they believe in.

The show’s host, Montel Williams, is one of the highest-profile advocates for cannabis in the country. At the height of his TV career, in 1999, Williams experienced his first symptoms of MS—a sharp and 24-hour neuropathic pain in his feet and legs. When pharmaceuticals proved ineffective for pain management, his doctor recommended he try cannabis.

Williams became an early advocate of cannabis law reform in the US. At that time, patients were being dragged out of their homes in wheelchairs by the police for using cannabis to treat their pain, and Williams was one of the few high-profile voices on Capitol Hill fighting for their rights. Over the past two decades, he has worked to pass cannabis legislation in key states and led the push for military veterans to access medical cannabis without the threat of losing benefits.

On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel speaks with Oniracom Cannabis Consultant Liz Rogan, who is a certified Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist by the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. A 17 year veteran of the cannabis industry, Liz acts as a liaison between government, community and cannabis business owners, and a consultant to both doctors and patients on customizing cannabis treatment plans and approaches the industry from a natural sciences perspective. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Biology with a minor in Botany from the University of Maine and is currently the Executive Director for the Cannabis Business Council of Santa Barbara County, Inc.

We’re so happy to have Liz as a part of our team and excited to share that her conversation with Montel is available for listening wherever you get your podcasts (links below) and for viewing on Youtube.

Learn More About Oniracom’s Work in The Cannabis Industry at Our Cannabis Page

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