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Renee Marie Smith – Brand Platform: Brand Book, Go to Market Playbook, & Press Kit

Renee Marie Smith needed a Brand Platform to communicate a unified & focused brand that is both authentic to her and communicates Renee’s value and her why in order effectively to target audiences and build community. Each existing business unit of Renee’s was assessed to inform this new unified brand.
Oniracom conducted market research using our proprietary Actionable Intelligence process to create the brand’s identity, content, and aesthetics. This work is based on data gathered from studying Renee’s existing audience (mailing list, social media) to objectively understand who they are, what drives them, and how to engage them most effectively.
Our creative team delivered their brand direction based on the research, to inform the Logo work, Style Guide and Brand Book. Additionally, we used this research and brand direction to define the specifics of the new website, from the branding, to the technical elements, integrations, and content strategy.
Based on our analysis of your consumer, competitors, and product market fit, we created a Brand Book that organized RMS’s brand story and aesthetics. The book contained all the details needed to make the brand a smooth-running communications machine including colors, logos, fonts, imagery, acceptable uses, and voice. By using our intelligence study to frame the brand, we achieve a shorter path to customer recognition and brand awareness.
Our Go to Market Playbook is created to include all top level strategic decisions as well as tactical implementations of how RMS will be taken to market for all of its product lines, events, and content channels.
All completed brand work was packaged into a Press Kit to enable distribution to sponsors, the media, and other interested parties, ensuring consistent messaging and storytelling of the brand.

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