Home / Journal / Oniracom brings Storywall to Jack Johnson’s Summer Tour!

Earlier this month, Sean (CTO), Jacob (CEO) and Mike (CMO) went to Chicago to help Jack Johnson kick off his Summer 2017 tour. With them they brought our awesome Storywall technology to be displayed at all of his events throughout the summer. Storywall is Oniracom’s in-house developed audience engagement tool that connects event goers to everything going on around them. It allows event organizers to display messages, run promotions, and connect with the attendees via live Twitter and Instagram feeds. During Jack’s tour, his Storywall will be displaying photos of his non-profit partners that are local to each city.

After over a decade of working with Jack and his team, we are still completely inspired by all the passion, talent and goodwill he puts into the world.

Chapeau to you Jack! 

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