A Deep Dive on Our Leading-Edge Market Research for Places

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Over the past 2 years, we’ve developed a deep partnership with leading Australian urban strategy group, Mantra Studios, which has led us down the road to bringing our Actionable Intelligence™ service to the built environment. We’re proud to share a deep dive on our work in Australia, and most recently the US market, as we continue leaning into the new fields (for our team) of architecture and city design.

First, a little background. The “built environment” refers to the human-made environment, ranging from buildings to cities and beyond. This is the human-made space where people live, work and recreate on a day-to-day basis.

Because the world is rapidly changing, faster and faster decision-making is required by city planners, property owners, architects, and real estate developers. 

Our work helps these stakeholders of the built environment keep up with the important, and expensive, decisions they need to make every day.

We like to say that our Actionable Intelligence™ for Places delivers the blueprint for smart decisions in a rapidly evolving market. We take big-data market research and layer it onto places using maps, diagrams, and modeling. 
This information includes human movement data from wifi and cell phone pings, purchase data from retail locations, and additional information about the buildings and places themselves. By combining how the audience interacts with the place, and deep details on the properties we can answer complicated questions and predict compelling trends.
Most recently in the US, we’ve worked with large corporations, like Google, to understand how potential campus locations are currently used, ranging from how far their daily commuters drive, to where they go to lunch and happy hour once in the neighborhood.

We Currently Run 3 Types of Place Studies:

Demand Study:
The understanding of how a place draws in its stakeholders,
ranging from visitors to occupants. We answer the questions of where they come from, how many at once, trends, mode of transport and destination.

Vibrancy Study:
The mix of businesses, categories of opportunities and unique offers available to the audience of a place, the aggregate use of each category, and the audience sentiment towards each offer.

Geo-Economic Study:
Visualize a market and its geographic-based trends and growth pattern through understanding varying market conditions, comparing metrics in various geographies, and locating pockets of opportunity.

How Are Our Studies Used?

1. Sales & Marketing:
Architecture and Place Design firms use our studies and analyses to show off the success of their work, using the impactful research and visuals to build their brands and attract new leads.

2. Environmental Impact Reports:
More and more detailed environmental impact reports are required to assess the impact of property development on both the local community and environment. Our work satisfies project requirements and delivers analysis at a high standard to our clients.

3. Space Management:
Organizations like Universities, that have a large space to manage, use our studies to measure how effectively their property is being utilized, ranging from parking and transit to the specific economic impact of on-campus business mix and event engagement.

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