Concrete Tactics

We put our data-driven marketing plans into action with targeted deliverables that bring your brand’s story to life both digitally and physically.

Examples of Concrete Tactics

Hello Bag – Product Photography

Photo Production

After using our Actionable Intelligence™ to identify Hello-Bag’s target market of value-conscious, cost-conscious, and environmentally conscious consumers, our team produced product photography that cleanly showcased their product and spoke to that audience. The photos were leveraged on their website and social media platforms….

Proyo Photography

Photo Production

Using our Actionable Intelligence, we helped Proyo deliver what their audience wanted, delicious content. Our intelligence work identified personas that drove our casting choices and content creation. We created visuals that show one delicious bite creating enthusiastic fans across 6 key demographics. “Oniracom’s ability to identify and target the right audiences with spot on creative…

Proyo – Ad Targeting for the Win

Advertising Product Studies & 2 More

Oniracom maximized ad impact and drove customers to retail stores by targeting the existing protein-loving audience. Based on sales numbers and social data, we pinpointed the top geographical areas to target and implemented a cross-channel, location-based campaign that built awareness before shopping and drove in-store discovery to close the sale. We also used trending hashtags…

Proyo Video Commercials

Video Production Brand Strategy & 1 More

Proyo turned to our team to create a series of TV and web commercials that established their brand, and showcased their delicious high protein ice cream flavors. Oniracom produced a total of 24 video advertisements that featured 6 personas across key demographics verifying Proyo’s great taste that differentiates their brand from other major players….

Packaging Design for Living Greens

Product Packaging Graphic Design

Our team designed the packaging for “Living Greens Farms”. In presenting the company’s product we showed off not only the product, but also their innovative indoor vertical farming approach that requires 95% less water, 95% less shipping and 99% less land! To catch the eyes of customers and quickly communicate that with Living Greens, customers get a lot MORE healthy…