Flame Cannabis Product Packaging

Beyond the typical marketing challenges of a consumer packaged good, there are unique obstacles involved in creating quality packaging for cannabis. Regulations are regularly in flux. Our team’s expertise in the cannabis and marketing industries equips us to successfully navigate these challenges.

For Flame Cannabis, we created a floral inspired package line that felt amazing in the hand, looked gorgeous on the shelf, and turned heads when it came out of a pocket or purse.

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More Examples of Product Packaging

Packaging Design for Cannavia

Product Packaging Graphic Design

Cannavia approached us with a scientifically validated cannabinoid wellness product, seeking packaging that would mirror its exceptional quality and innovative nature. This carefully curated packaging not only safeguards the quality of these cannabinoid supplements but also reflects Cannavia’ health and wellness focused brand identity….

Packaging Design for Chala Hair

Product Packaging Graphic Design

Chala Hair came to us with a high quality beauty product that needed to meet customers in packaging that was reflective of the brand’s standards of quality and aesthetics. Our team delivered a design that would safely and beautifully encase their product, and present it to consumers in packaging reflective of the high quality of…

Logo Design for FLOR Dispensary

Product Packaging Graphic Design & 1 More

FLOR Dispensary set out to be the premiere luxury cannabis dispensary in the Bay Area. Oniracom supported them in delivering a logo to represent their brand. Shown here are three logo options that our team created. In bringing thoughtful design and brand practices to an industry that used to not be thought of in that…

Packaging Design for Living Greens

Product Packaging Graphic Design

Our team designed the packaging for “Living Greens Farms”. In presenting the company’s product we showed off not only the product, but also their innovative indoor vertical farming approach that requires 95% less water, 95% less shipping and 99% less land! To catch the eyes of customers and quickly communicate that with Living Greens, customers get a lot MORE healthy…

Intake Breathing Packaging

Product Packaging

An innovative package design for an innovative breathing product. The box design is playful and informative, encouraging reading all sides and an enjoyable opening experience….

Pacific Stone Product Packaging

Product Packaging Photo Production

  Quality cannabis packaging designed by our team. The Pacific stone pre-roll package represents the value, enjoyment, and authority of the brand, differentiating itself from competitor cannabis brands. There are 14 joints per pack, totaling 7 g of premium California cannabis. The Pacific stone flower packaging communicates strain differentiation, value for money, and brand authority….