Jacob Tell
Co-Founder / CEO, Creative Lead

Listening to:Vida Blue’s “Crossing Lines”

Sean Campos
Co-Founder / Principal Data Scientist

Listening to:The Rugburns “Taking the World By Donkey”

Mike Wald
Partner / CMO

Listening to:Jungle “For Ever”

Elske Free

Listening to:Dolly Parton’s America Podcast

Dalida Arakelian
Account Manager

Listening to:Rachmaninoff “Piano Concerto no.2 op.18”

EmmaClaire Brock
Communications Strategist & Video Specialist

Listening to:Rita Lee “Pra Você Eu Digo Sim”

Nicole Wald
Content Strategist

Listening to:The Sherman Brothers Songbook

Patricia Neubauer
Content Strategist

Listening to:Sero “Fliegen”

Julianna Galland
Workplace Experience Coordinator

Listening to:Khruangbin “Maria Tambien”

Nathaniel Hansen
Insights Analyst

Listening to:

Noah Barron
Creative Director

Listening to:MØL “Jord”

Carissa Belmont
Advertising Strategist

Listening to:

Karen Kelly
Advertising Specialist

Listening to:Lil Nas X “Old Town Road”

John Hayes

Listening to:Ben Böhmer “Breathing”

Steve Beyatte

Listening to:John Scofield & Medeski Martin & Wood “A Go Go”

Jessica Solomon
Business Development

Listening to: Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

John Lucchetti
Business Development

Listening to:Gregory Alan Isakov “San Luis”

Chrystal Clifton
Brand Strategist

Listening to:Imagine Dragons “Whatever it Takes“

Jill Bender
Brand Strategist

Aaron Foreman
Brand Strategist

Megan Havrda
Strategic Advisor

Listening to:Brandi Carlile “Firewatcher’s Daughter”

Mick Mankowski
Strategic Advisor

Listening to:Marvin Gaye “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”

Joy Margolis
Strategic Advisor

Listening to:Khruangbin, Desmond Cheese, and Jazzmatazz

Bobby Shand
Strategic Advisor

Listening to:Jackson Browne and Van Morrison

Liz Rogan
Cannabis Consultant

Listening to:André Aguado “Luminous”

Nik Blaskovich Photographer

Our Story

19+ Years in Business (Est. 2001)

We started on the road, running merchandise, technology, and fan engagement for incredible musicians, management groups and record labels. In the upturned faces of crowds across the globe, we saw deep emotional connection, and recognized this as the driver of great brands.

Developing an Agency

Six years in, we settled down to build our lives in Santa Barbara. We continued to support our artists’ growth by creating new, disruptive tools and technologies within the fast-growing social network space. We also applied our learning to serve hundreds of brands that sell products, build places or create content.

Making Intelligence Work

Since day one, our innovation focused on connecting with audiences, using research to back strategy. Today, we are pushing the boundaries of that market research with Actionable Intelligence™. Our big-data booster shot not only helps brands maximize their emotional connection with audiences, it ensures smarter, more profitable decision-making.