The Magic of Tidying Up (Your Brand Strategy)

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Brand strategy is often a painful exercise in editing. Writers are told to kill their darlings; at Oniracom, when it comes to branding, we often recommend “cull your darlings.” That means taking a hard look at everything you’re doing when it comes to your brand, and cutting loose everything that isn’t directly serving the goal of presenting a clear, compelling story of your brand to your customer.

When we enter the picture, a brand is often a hodge-podge of begun-and-abandoned efforts, isolated orphans of identity pulled from many different sources and creators, tossed together in a bucket and shoved out into the world. Oniracom’s role is a bit like that of Marie Kondo. We help you take a look at each piece you’ve accumulated over the years, understand its meaning and purpose within the structure of your company, and if it’s no longer central to who you are, we help you say goodbye to it in a way that honors its role and folds its best features into a new trajectory. 

Whether it is evolving an outdated logo, unifying several sub-brands under a single cohesive strategy, tailoring your web presence to reflect your current business, or another brand strategy goal, doing robust discovery first is what ensures success at the end.

Discovery can mean a lot of things — a careful appraisal of prior branding elements, a deep dive into social listening and audience intelligence, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) Analysis of how your brand fits into the marketplace — but what matters is that we empower you to make evidence-based decisions in the often brutally subjective space of branding and design. 

If you’re feeling like maybe your brand is a bit like that sweater your Aunt May gave you six years ago (sentimental and made with love, but ill-fitting and hopelessly out of style), it’s time to give Oniracom a call. We can be your guide in the process of honoring where your brand has been, understanding where your brand is now and accelerating the brand towards where you want to go.

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