Oniracom Creative Production – Behind the Scenes of Our Shoot for Leading Cannabis Industry Software, Treez

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At Oniracom, we are proud to collaborate with innovative brands, educators, activists, cultivators, and scientists within the cannabis community. As regulations around cannabis continue to evolve, and the world of cannabis marketing rapidly advances, new product categories and services have also emerged within the industry. One such category is dispensary software, specific to and optimized for cannabis sales. Leading cannabis industry software, Treez, came to Oniracom to take their marketing strategy and creative production to a whole new level.

Our photography and video teams headed into multiple dispensaries to capture content that shows how Treez’s software is increasing revenue, streamlining operations, and driving profitability for cannabis retailers in California.

Oniracom Video Specialist and Cannabis Consultant, Luke Archer, directed our production team as they navigated the challenge of capturing clean photo and video content in a live space without impeding customer interactions, allowing business to operate as usual, content to be captured quickly, and the live nature of the space to be authentically integrated into the final photos and video commercials.

The video commercials included one key comprehensive Software Features & Benefits Video, as well as Social Short Videos for strategic implementation on Facebook and LinkedIn.

High-quality still images were captured in conjunction with the video production captured by our photographer, Stephen Lewis, whose work is helping to elevate the brand’s look and feel on their website and is ready for implementation in their social media and future digital and print marketing assets.

We are excited to showcase the content that helps Treez quickly and comprehensively explain the value of their tool, and we are proud to support this cannabis industry client as they help others in the industry to grow. 

Production Behind-The-Scenes Photos:

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