Mental Health Month: Positive Practices from the Oniracom Team

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In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve asked our team members to share a positive practice that they find to be personally beneficial for maintaining their mental health. Scroll onwards to see our team in action and learn what helps them to be the healthiest version of themselves.

Jacob Tell

“The two main sources I draw inspiration (and mental peace) are nature and live music. Luckily I found a life partner who perfectly aligns with these values, and we spend as much time together as possible in nature, and experiencing live music.”

Jacob Tell, Co-Founder & CEO

Sean Campos

“The two main sources I draw “Skiing helps me because it is a visceral reminder of how small we are in comparison to the world around us. In the act of sliding down an icy slope at highway speeds, there isn’t any room for the mind to wander- all that matters is the decision being made at this instant.”

Sean Campos, Co-Founder & Principal Data Scientist

Mike Wald

“We love to get into nature, go for a hike, surf, sail, and camp. Our favorite spots are on the Channel Islands where we can get away from traffic and wifi for a few days.”

Mike Wald, Partner & CMO

EmmaClaire Brock

“Skating, swimming, strength training, and sunshine are some of my favorite forms of medicine. Being active and getting outside gives me a renewed sense of gratitude for the body and the environment that I live in. The activities are expressive, freeing, empowering, and meditative in different ways, and consequently contribute to my mental wellbeing.”

EmmaClaire Brock, Marketing Manager

Dalida Arakelian

“The piano is my solace. I express every feeling I can possibly experience right at the piano keys to arrive at the purest place in my heart. I hope to extend what music does for me to others.”

Dalida Arakelian, Account Manager

Julianna Galland

“Living with depression I’ve learned to evolve my self care practices to nurture my mental health through different stages of my life. This version of me feels most healthy when meditating on feelings of love and caring for my 100+ plants. Love yourself enough to allow for change and growth without judgement, and that self-love will yield inner peace.”

Julianna Galland, Workplace Experience Coordinator 

Brett Schoonderwoerd

“I take long walks in nature and gather natural elements that I take back into my space. The elements are used for inspiration for the creative process and helps me understand my surroundings and keeps me grounded.”

Brett Schoonderwoerd, facilities manager & resident artist

Looking for mental health resources? Check out our recent blog post “Mental Health Month: Spotlighting Local Organizations & Resources” for information on organizations in our Santa Barbara community that support mental wellness!

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