Jacob Tell featured on: The Customer Experience Advantage Podcast

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On the Customer Experience Advantage Podcast, author and keynote speaker David Avrin talks with dynamic business leaders about their visionary concepts and powerful customer engagement models. David recently featured Oniracom Co-Founder and CEO, Jacob Tell, on the podcast to explore the question: How do iconic brands and disruptive business leaders approach accommodating a new generation of customer expectations?

“There’s no shortage of professionals who espouse the importance of impacting the world but, let’s be honest, how many of them actually do? Well, my guest today runs a very successful creative services agency that not only works on causes they believe in, but helps their clients do it as well. Jacob Tell is one of the founders of Oniracom. He is one of the most brilliant, strategic, and effective marketing leaders I have ever known. Let’s talk about profitable and impactful marketing with our guest Jacob Tell.”

David Avrin

See the episode with transcription, and find links to listen to the episode on all podcast streaming platforms on David Avrin’s website.

Eager to explore how purpose-driven positive impact could become a part of your brand’s approach? Let’s get the conversation started.

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