Disability Pride Month 2021

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At Oniracom we pride ourselves on creating a culture of positive disruption. This means breaking from the status quo, and standing out from the crowd to do something exceptional and extraordinary. We are fortunate to work with organizations whose missions create positive disruptions that makes this world a better place. In honor of Disability Pride Month, we’re spotlighting some of the organizations we’ve worked with who advance accessibility and inclusivity for disabled people. Read on to learn how their work supports, empowers, and advocates for people with disabilities.

Grace Fisher Foundation

The Grace Fisher Foundation exists to connect children living with disabilities to music, art, dance, and other forms of artistic expression in order to provide an accessible space for community inclusion, education, creation, and self-discovery.

Never Give Up by Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation works to fill in the gaps needed to create real change and build a more inclusive future for those with disabilities. They provide practical family support, fund research, and are building the first inclusive playground in Santa Barbara. They work to inspire courage, foster inclusion and create a kinder world around the globe. Above all else, they NEVER GIVE UP. 

Braille Institute

Braille Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to positively transform the lives of those with vision loss. Braille Institute serves more than 37,000 people through a variety of free programs, classes and services at centers and community outreach locations throughout Southern California – from Santa Barbara to San Diego counties.

It’s truly a privilege to work with these organizations and support their missions. Working towards a more equitable, inclusive future is key to our culture at Oniracom and this goes beyond our direct work with disability specific non-profit organizations. We also work hard to make sure our venues and all websites are completely ADA compliant and serve all customers equally. We love engaging with our community and taking on cause-driven projects.

Looking to build a more equal future together? Let’s connect.

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