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There’s a big gap between logo and brand identity, and seeing finished products and merchandise in the physical world.

Sometimes, it can help bring a brand to life, in your mind or in the minds of your future customers, to have believable three-dimensional art of future merchandise and packaging as it will look before having it fabricated, printed, die-cut, embossed, etc.

For e-commerce sites, it allows you to launch your brand without having physical product to photograph. For lifestyle brands, it allows you to showcase your colors and logo on things like apparel and merchandise that you will make – but haven’t yet.

Most of all, it makes your brand seem real in a way that stock photography edited in Photoshop cannot.

This is where Oniracom’s 3-D render services come into play. Using Adobe Dimension, we create three-dimensional .obj models of your products and packaging, wrap them with your brand colors, textures, typography and graphics, virtually “light” them, and create a beautiful render that we can capture from multiple angles, in multiple virtual settings, or integrate into existing lifestyle imagery.

It’s the closest thing to having your real package, apparel or product in your hands. It allows you to identify visual shortcomings in a brand concept before you invest money, and it allows you to test consumer interest in a product without having to manufacture it beforehand.

So next time you have a great idea and want to see exactly how it could look, save your money and leave behind the hastily-scribbled napkin drawings. Oniracom’s 3-D rendering services have you covered.

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