21 Local Restaurants Going Above & Beyond Amid Covid-19 Crisis

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That’s right, another blog about how the pandemic has shifted our community; but there’s hope on the horizon! 

While this situation can leave us feeling powerless at times, we must remember that we can still make positive contributions to our community and in doing so, even receive relief from kitchen duties, plus a moment of escape in the form of delicious food and beverages!  

Following the pandemic we will need to rebuild within our communities to continue the vibrant, Santa Barbara connectivity which we miss so much. This starts now, with paying patronage to the local businesses around us. Help keep these restaurants afloat now, and we all get to enjoy them later. 

Here we have comprised a list of locally owned businesses and how they are adjusting to COVID-19 to continue to serve members of the community. After stay at home orders were given in California on March 19 restaurants had to adapt to feed their customers by changing the styles in which they take orders, give take-out, provide bulk meals, and offer delivery. Though many local restaurants initially offered 15-20% off all orders to reflect lower overheads due to layoffs, most restaurants have been unable to continue offering their discounts because of the longevity of the global pandemic. Discounts and specials are frequently changing so we advise calling ahead or checking social media to reconfirm what specials are being offered at the time of your order . 

Below, you’ll see our list of local restaurants that have adapted with the times; please offer them your patronage in the hopes that you will be able to visit their physical locations again some time. Until then, cheers to virtual happy hours, delivery breakfast in bed, social distancing suppers, and all the rest. 

1. Barbareno
On the corner of De La Vina and Canon Perdido, Barbareno has been serving up Central Coast inspired Barbeque since 2014 and continues to use historic techniques with modern flavors for a unique take on BBQ. As a reaction to COVID-19, Barbareno now offers meals, groceries, sweets, and more for take-out or delivery all through their website; get your order as soon as possible, or schedule it. Check out the items available on their website to make your mouth water!

2. The Black Sheep Restaurant
Located in Downtown SB, The Black Sheep serves a fusion of New American and Asian cuisine. While they have historically only served dine-in customers, they are currently providing take-out, curbside pick-up, and delivery. The Black Sheep is now offering 20% all orders to reflect the minimal staff with which they’re operating. They additionally have added a Family Meal to their menu that serves 4 for only $50. Support this local favorite in these hard times by calling in your order at (805)965-1113!

3. Buena Onda Empanadas
Family owned and operated business, Buena Onda, is looking out for your family at home with artisanal empanadas with meat and vegetarian options. In reaction to the pandemic, the restaurant is now serving batches of one dozen frozen empanadas to last you through the week. Buena Onda also provides an array of cold or frozen Family Meals that serve anywhere from 2 to 8 people! Go to their website to order take-out; for delivery, go through DoorDash, GrubHub, or Restaurant Connection!

4. Ca’Dario
Located in downtown Santa Barbara, Ca’Dario Ristorante creates some of the best Italian dining in Santa Barbara. Though it is an upscale restaurant, they’re adjusting to the current pandemic by offering Family Meal Packages that serve 4 with leftovers! Additionally, if you order Ca’Dario delivery through Restaurant Connection use the discount code “DARIOTWENTY” for 20% off every order!

5. Chase Restaurant
Since 1979 Chase Restaurant has served Santa Barbara classic Italian cuisine and stiff, handcrafted cocktails–so naturally we Santa Barbarians are drawn to their happy hour deals. In addition to offering curbside pick-up on State Street, Chase also have a Self Pickup Package Special of 10 servings of chicken, salad, and pasta for only $125! They also deliver via GrubHub, Uber Eats, Restaurant Connection, and DoorDash for convenience.

6. Convivo
Inside the Santa Barbara Inn you’ll find Convivo, a charming Italian-inspired modern restaurant just on the other side of Cabrillo from East Beach. Convivo has come out with a new spring menu, to-go cocktails, and special take home Family Meals from Convivo Chef, Peter McNee. Convivo is open for takout and delivery 12- 8 pm Tuesday-Saturday. See menu and ordering details on their website. Convivo also has a GoFundMe page for their hourly employees who need our support! Remember that if you can help keep them in business, you’ll have the future opportunity to sit at their stunning restaurant right across from the beach.

7. Dune Coffee Roasters
Dune Coffee has been an establishment in Santa Barbara since 2009 and has done so well that there are now 3 locations (2 downtown & 1 in Goleta). Fortunately for them, our community is filled with caffeine addicts who are happy to take advantage of Dune Grams! The tireless crew makes Dune Gram deliveries 7:30a-10a Tuesday through Friday; this includes two 12 oz of coffee or tea, two cups of fresh orange juice, and pastries for $25! You can place your order before 7pm via their website or text (805)697-1144; remember to plan ahead, because it’s always first come, first serve!

8. Duo Catering
Over the past month, Duo developed and launched a community relief program, the “duo|MORE” program, which has delivered nearly 1,000 meals to more than 100 local families in need. You can visit their website to see information on how to directly donate to that program, or to find information on their delicious “dinner to go” services that they are offering for customers to purchase. All meals (pick-up and delivery) will be packaged for you to reheat at home. Quantities are limited, so be sure to order ahead and get them while you can. 

9. Kyle’s Kitchen
A family favorite, Kyle’s Kitchen has been dishing up fantastic burgers, fries, shakes, and more since 2015; but the best part of eating Kyle’s Kitchen is their give back program that supports people with special needs! Right now they are offering a Family Meal Deal for $37 consisting of 4 burgers, and 2 fries plus a salad to share. You can continue to order their tasty, casual American food from one of their 3 locations on their website for pick-up or on GrubHub, DoorDash, or Restaurant Connection. So order a yummy milkshake from them now and know that you’re supporting so much more than a business!

10. La Playa Azul Cafe
Known for their delicious margaritas, La Playa Azul is open and available to provide you with their homestyle Mexican cuisine. While they have been offering 20% off all orders for the past month, they are no longer able to do this in these trying times. However, they continue to serve the freshest meals to their customers via take-out, curbside pickup, and delivery through Restaurant Connection. Coming soon, they will be delivering orders in-house to attempt to give work to any employees who have been let go. Help keep this family owned and operated business afloat by ordering a burrito and margarita ASAP!

11. Lilac Patisserie 
Santa Barbara’s dedicated gluten free bakery and cafe is offering contactless pickup on Tuesdays from 12 pm – 2 pm for all pre-orders from our limited online menu. Our contactless pickup menu includes cakes, pastries, cookies and treats, cheesecakes, breads, quiche, granola, and gluten free flour. They also continue to add items to their menu weekly and are currently developing baking mixes so customers will be able to bake our treats at home! Orders placed by 12 pm on Sunday via their website will be available for pickup the following Tuesday.

12. Los Agaves
A staple of Santa Barbara’s Mexican food, Los Agaves is up and running at all 3 locations in the area to serve your foodie needs. Though they were giving 15% off any takeout orders once COVID-19 stay-at-home began, they have now shifted their menu to account for the groups of people eating together at home. Los Agaves currently offers several Family Meal Deals under $40 that serve 4 to 6 people; check it out on their website! You can call in your order for takeout or get it delivered through GrubHub and Restaurant Connection. At Los Agaves your money will go a long way, and your love for your community will go further, so order now!

13. Lure Fish House
Lure Fish House opened their first location in Camarillo in 2010; their Santa Barbara spot on upper State St became available in 2015 to suit your seafood needs. In response to the coronavirus, Lure has developed takeout and delivery ordering on their website. Additionally, they are providing takeout containers that are compostable or re-usable such as mason jars and compostable cardboard bowls. We applaud Lure’s environmental initiative in a time overrun by to-go orders! Show them some love by ordering through their website today.

14. OPPI’Z Bistro and Natural Pizza
The modern Italian restaurant, OPPI’Z, is somewhat new to the Santa Barbara scene since they opened in 2019. Owner, Guido Oppizzi, came to California from Italy in 2016 with a mission to prepare traditional Italian cuisine with a twist while catering to some major dietary restrictions. If you call to order from their takeout menu, you’ll receive a generous 15% off your whole order; you can also order delivery through GrubHub, DoorDash, and Restaurant Connection. Notably, OPPI’Z also encourages customers to review their OPPI’Z meals by entering those who do into a raffle with a chance to win $500! Go to their website now to leave a review and enter.

15. Pascucci Restaurant
An establishment in downtown for over 20 years, Pascuccis is continuing to serve members of the community classic Italian food through the pandemic. As an attempt to keep up with the changing times, Pascucci now offers a handful of discount deals to entice customers to order more than one meal at once. Currently, they’re providing free delivery for any order over $40, a free bottle of house wine for orders $75 and up ,and a 15% discount for orders over $100! Because they are doing their own delivery, your food is changing less hands and putting you at less risk while keeping a Pascucci staff member at work. Let’s show them our support by ordering their yummy Italian dishes by phone today at (805)963-8123! 

16. Sama Sama Kitchen
The brilliant Indonesian Fusion restaurant at State & Anapamu, Sama Sama Kitchen opened their doors to us in 2013 with waves of flavor. As a place that was initially only dine-in, they’ve quickly shifted to delivering orders over $60 by relying on members of their team. In addition to a diverse menu, you can also count on Sama Sama for inspired cocktail kits that serve 1 to 3 people and come in reusable jars. They’ve also started selling a few select grocery items, including individual rolls of single ply; a hot commodity nowadays. Order straight from their website, or give them a call at (805)965-4566 to show your love for their innovative dishes!

17. Savoy Cafe & Deli
With over 41 delicious and incredibly healthful ingredients to pick from, including an entire farm’s worth of vegetables, house-roasted meats, and homemade dressings, it’s no surprise why Savoy Café & Deli ranks as one of our very favorite salad bars. Open Monday through Saturday — only closed on Sundays. Hours 7 am to 9 pm. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, baked goods, full espresso bar. Additionally they are selling eggs, toilet paper and fresh baked bread. 

18. Scarlett Begonia
One of our area’s most scrumptious brunch spots, Scarlett Begonia first opened in 2011 and recently moved to a new, street-side building during the pandemic. While working with only 5 people onboard, Scarlett Begonia is adjusting by selling single and bulk grocery items and delivering orders of $50 or more. They’re offering selected breakfast and lunch dishes as well as “Quick Grab” items for lighter meals. Though they’re typically a breakfast & brunch place they’ve now started Take and Bakes dinners that serve 2 to 4 easily. Now you can support Scarlett Begonia for every meal!

19. Shalhoob’s Funk Zone Patio
Situated in the booming Santa Barbara Funk Zone, Shalhoob’s Funk Zone Patio has provided our community with savory barbeque since 1973 as a butcher shop and 2017 as a restaurant. Lucky for us, their butcher shop is still open for orders and now includes Freezer Packages with several different cuts at a discount. Shalhoob’s is also taking takeout orders via a new webstore they’ve setup in response to the pandemic. You can order one of their Family Meals for takeout on their website or from the butcher shop at Orders@Shalhoob.com!

20. South Coast Deli
Santa Barbara’s favorite sandwich company, South Coast Deli has been serving up breakfast and lunch sandwiches and salads since 1991. Before COVID-19, SCD only took orders for breakfast and lunch; now, they’re taking orders as late as 7pm for takeout and delivery. You can get your favorite salad or sandwich delivered through Restaurant Connection or order takeout at their new webstore through their site!

21. Zaytoon
The fabulous Lebanese spot, Zaytoon, typically provides a cozy atmosphere paired with their flavorful Mediterranean dishes. While we are not able to enjoy the food by the fires at Zaytoon’s outdoor patio, you can still order dinner from them for takeout or delivery through their website. Though there is a $50 minimum for delivery, Zaytoon is offering a 20% discount off any order! Help the only Lebanese restaurant in town survive this pandemic by ordering from their website now!

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