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Persona Marketing 101

The key to successful marketing? Understanding the audience, including its unique personas – the types of people who buy your product or service. Personas optimize your campaigns:

• Improve advertising efficiency
• Provide clear creative direction
• Create emotional connection
• Drive high ROI
• Help close sales

You may have an audience of 10 million, but only six distinct personas.  Some marketing groups use pre-canned personas and apply them to all their clients. We do the opposite, creating Discovered Personas that are unique to each client.

By analyzing primary interests and many other variables – purchasing style, demographics , conversation, and more – we can assign an individual to a very specific persona group. For example, some marketers may lump all cyclists together in an “Outdoor Enthusiasts” persona. We dig deeper to discover that the cyclists your brand appeals to also love bbq ribs, listen to early 70s rock, attended East Coast boarding schools, travel every year to Europe, and smoke cannabis. By honing in on specific personas, we greatly improve your rate of success.

Most marketers stop after gathering basic demographic data about generic personas. We take this several steps further, delving deep to determine the spaces your personas intersect. We call these intersections the Persona Nexus.

Zeroing in on these Nexus points provides you the exact market segment to target for maximum resonance and optimal conversion rates.

Clear personas and nexus points are the springboard for effective marketing. With this information, you are empowered to make impactful creative decisions and launch highly targeted advertising campaigns across channels your customers frequent.

“Using personas can drive results such as a 28% higher campaign response rate, 2-3 month shorter sales cycle, and 25% increase in marketing influenced revenue” –SiriusDecisions

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