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Being an environmentally friendly business comes with its perks. First and foremost, you get to feel good about making the world a safer, healthier place. Reducing the use of energy and resources provides an opportunity to improve profitability through cost savings. Additionally, you get to take advantage of rebates and other incentives while attracting new environmentally-concerned customers and improving brand image. Lastly, a green company reduces risk by meeting legal requirements and anticipating future regulations like the Obama-Biden New Energy Plan

It is important to remember that green marketing begins with ensuring all claims are credible. Deceptively promoting an environmentally responsible company image without the evidence to back it up, also known as greenwashing, can be detrimental to a company’s reputation. The Federal Trade Commission’s “Green Guides” provides more information on how to determine credibility.

In Santa Barbara, protecting our beautiful environment is very important. Earth Day, an annual event celebrated globally, originated here following the 1969 oil spill that guzzled out about 100,000 barrels into the ocean off the Southern California coast. Oniracom is proud to be involved in Santa Barbara’s Earth Day Festival, which attracts 30,000-35,000 people each year.

Oniracom has worked with the Community Environment Council for the past five years to support SB Earth Day in a marketing capacity. We help facilitate their initiatives by creating promotional video content, a mobile app and site, and a story wall platform for the event itself.  Additionally, Oniracom uses Earth Day as a way to connect clients and partners together. This year, our clients Mitchell Kriegman and Zach gill will be performing.

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