Oniracom was the perfect marketing partner for our national expansion. Their ability to identify and target the right audiences with spot on creative helped us compete with brands sporting much bigger budgets. The campaign proof was in our sales numbers, and week over week, we were the brand to beat. I’d work with them again, no question.




store expansion in under 3 months


sales lift over 6 month campaign


brand lift over 6 month campaign

Proyo came to Oniracom with a high-protein, low-fat ice cream that they wanted to take national.

They needed a marketing partner to help roll out their launch and a way to differentiate themselves from other major players – in the cluttered U.S. frozen dessert industry, 1.54 billion gallons of ice cream and related desserts are sold each year.

Our intelligence work, pulling data from over 200,000 people online, revealed that good taste is what matters most to consumers, yet “healthy ice cream” has a reputation for bad taste.

Using our Actionable Intelligence analysis, we helped them step into this space in high style. Presenting them as the quintessential California coastal lifestyle brand, we steered their marketing to focus on Pacific Coast scenes, friends, and making great memories. We also helped them establish a large spread of SKUs to fit any party or need, opening their market up by being less specialized.

We created social media, video, and event content that perfectly aligned with their target consumer’s needs, as well as training videos to empower budtenders to sell to the right consumer.

We created videos that addressed both these points, showing one delicious bite creating enthusiastic fans across 6 key demographics. We then developed ad campaigns with the videos that used innovative targeting methods to compete with big brand spending. Within 6 months, the brand had increased sales by over 200%, firmly establishing them as a contender in stores across the nation.



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