Our story begins at the crossroads of rock’n’roll and philanthropy, starting in 2001 as the agency of record for a then little-known artist named Jack Johnson. He aimed to use his talent to benefit environmental and humanitarian concerns.

We immersed ourselves in supporting this dream, disrupting the norms of live events, merchandising, and marketing technology. Taking full advantage of the social, streaming, apps, mobile and digital world exploding around us, we built a cause-driven global community. Jack’s vision was realized: millions raised for compelling causes through sold-out stadiums, merchandise sales, and nonprofit donations.

As our client portfolio rapidly expanded, we recognized a common thread to all our work: emotional connection. To build brands, champion causes, or increase profits, you have to reach people at a real level – who they are, what drives them, what inspires them. We began to zero in on this idea of using data to inform strategic, effective marketing.

Today, every project is informed by our Actionable Intelligence™ service. Even though the days of VIP globetrotting with Jack’s band are long behind us, the legacy of going all-in remains. We build deep relationships, champion ambitious goals, and set clear, data-backed paths to success.

Oniracom is not just another agency. We’re your partner, and we look forward to disrupting the status quo together.


It represents a lot of who we are. Like the great pachyderm, we continually carve out new trails. We never forget lessons learned along the way and pass this wisdom to clients. And when barriers emerge in the new frontiers of our digital age, we aren’t afraid to use our tusks to push them aside.

Our reputation for creativity, innovation, and deep integrity leads world-renowned entertainment and lifestyle brands to gather at our watering hole. Sony, Marquee Brands, Universal, Warner, Sonos, Deckers and The Santa Barbara Bowl, along with a host of startups and nonprofits, come to us when stakes are high and only a trusted team will do. And yes, Jack Johnson is still marching along with us too. Once you’ve joined this herd, you’re in for life.