Jack Johnson

Disrupting the music industry, one fan at a time

Oniracom saw through to the heart and mission of my music, and then made sure that the world could see it too. Their work directly enabled us to make greening a worldwide movement in the entertainment industry.




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Jack Johnson came to Oniracom in 2001 as a little-known musician with some street-cred in the surfing world and a big desire to help the environment.

His agency of record ever since, we’ve repeatedly helped Jack’s brand disrupt the status quo of the web, the music industry, and the environmental movement through leading-edge technology and innovative marketing.

We began our brand work by building Jack’s website, online communities, and forums. This led to ecommerce, and we went on the road to apply Jack’s eco ethos to concert merchandise. We increased the standard of every garment and printing technique to offer high-quality, sustainable products that put the rest of the industry on notice. We hit record sales per fan across the globe, pushed Jack to the #1 spot on Pandora and many other music platforms, and built innovative upcycling efforts like creating bags and children’s toys with past tour merch.

Over the past two decades, we’ve helped Jack’s brand, record label, and foundations launch a series of sustainability initiatives and developed the web presence for each one, benefiting environmental and humanitarian concerns. We also helped Jack redefine the relationship between venues and artists with the Green Rider, establishing an environmentally mindful approach to touring.

Powered by hundreds of millions of worldwide fans and Oniracom’s strategic marketing, today Jack is a global icon for the environmental movement, engaging fans worldwide in upcycling and greening through the All At Once community.

Our time-tested marketing of Jack Johnson’s brand has evolved over the years, always pushing the edge of possibility with technology to engage fans and amplify his environmental message. We are grateful to be on the team as a partner in Jack’s entertainment projects and environmental causes.



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