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post by Luke Archer, Director of Story

post by Luke Archer, Director of Story

My job title at Oniracom is Director of Story. In reality what I do here is work with brands to develop effective messaging and then deliver that messaging with content.  Our approach with winning messaging is to focus on reaching consumers emotional centers and trigger a positive affiliation with the brand.  This is the first objective.

Easier said than done.  So how do you identify these emotion triggers?  And how do you know they will produce results and be liked, shared, and drive sales?   Consumer tastes and preferences vary, thus no campaign is perfect. However, as creative marketers we are more likely to hit our mark if we do our homework and the client understands the intrinsic value in rich consumer research.   

Here at Oniracom, we rely on our Actionable Intelligence™ as the foundation for our client’s messaging and content creation process.   Recently, we worked with Pacific Stone Brand to introduce a new line of products for the cannabis industry.   After our usual intake meetings were complete, we proceeded to do the research that would drive messaging and voice of the website and content.

Here is what we learned after listening to 25,000 online conversations about cannabis pre-rolls:

  1. The primary persona we branded Ian.  This persona top interest are gardening, health, politics, business, and humor.   He is between 31-40 years old and his demographics are 86% White, 8% Black, and 6% Hispanic.  We also identified two more personas to craft our messaging around with additional interests including Music, Dating, and College.  All three personas were most active on Instagram.

  2. We identified the top influencers in the category and ranked their influence from 1-100.  These influencers will be authentically approached with content and an introduction to the brand physically and digitally.

  3. We identified the top organizations to market through and ranked them by Influencer Score and we developed a word cloud to focus hashtags and relationship marketing.

  4. Our research team took a deep dive into the persona psychographics, sentiment & emotion, personality types, and communication style.


Our creative team used this deep knowledge to craft the messaging and voice for the brand. Pacific Stone Brands epitomizes California Beach and Outdoor Cultures and needed messaging that would appeal to this demographic.   We learned through our research that we should always show groups of people in our visual messaging. We also learned the importance of authenticity.

So when it was time to start developing the visual media for the website, videos, and social media, we took this message to heart.   We settled on a theme around the California Coast and one of the most memorable experience, a bonfire at the beach with a group of friends, music, drinks, and some California Grown Cannabis.  

After we completed, the script, storyboard, and shot lists for photo, VR, and video, we began the casting and location search process.   

Apparently many people enjoy the thought of spending an evening on a private beach because we had over 400 people respond to our casting call!   We prescreened the talent, did on camera interviews, and then nailed down about 50 prospects. Working with Pacific Stone, we cast the final 12 who would be featured.  

From our shoot we produced the photo assets, a 30 sec commercial, 20 short Instagram videos, a behind the scenes, and video for the website.   And most importantly, we captured a wide variety of content that is the first impression and defined the brand voice that can be carried out to future campaigns.    

Enjoy the commercial!

We would love your thoughts and feedback on the Pacific Stone creative. Contact us today!

Oni-Fest 2018, an Oniracom Event

Friday, September 28th, 2018 we hosted a party for our community to celebrate the one year anniversary of our new office. Hundreds of friends, partners, clients and colleagues attended to enjoy Oniracom for the evening.

A huge thank you to our photographers Nik Blaskovich, Max Schoboboda and Jacob Tell. Enjoy some of their beautiful work below…

Several special thanks are in order. Jonathan McEuen wrangled world class musical talent who backed him for several sets of music. Thanks also to Ben Catch who opened the show with EmmaClaire Brock and went on to perform many of his original songs. The delicious food & drink were catered by Shalhoob Meat Co, Santa Barbara Style Catering. The boxes of cannabis pre-rolls were provided by our amazing friends at Pacific Stone. Our very own artist Matthew McAvene decked out the parking lot and office to glimmer and attract our creative minds. The Oniracom staff did an incredible job setting up, checking in guests, and engaging attendees all night.

Please send your photos & videos of the party to!

Oni-Fest video!

Find yourself.

Credits: Video by Oniracom’s team, Luke Archer and Max Schoboboda. Video background music: 4th Dimension - Woman.

Data Driven Persona Marketing

Persona Marketing 101

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 3.46.50 PM.png

The key to successful marketing? Understanding the audience, including its unique personas – the types of people who buy your product or service. Personas optimize your campaigns:

• Improve advertising efficiency
• Provide clear creative direction
• Create emotional connection
• Drive high ROI
• Help close sales

You may have an audience of 10 million, but only six distinct personas.  Some marketing groups use pre-canned personas and apply them to all their clients. We do the opposite, creating Discovered Personas that are unique to each client.

By analyzing primary interests and many other variables – purchasing style, demographics , conversation, and more – we can assign an individual to a very specific persona group. For example, some marketers may lump all cyclists together in an “Outdoor Enthusiasts” persona. We dig deeper to discover that the cyclists your brand appeals to also love bbq ribs, listen to early 70s rock, attended East Coast boarding schools, travel every year to Europe, and smoke cannabis. By honing in on specific personas, we greatly improve your rate of success.

Most marketers stop after gathering basic demographic data about generic personas. We take this several steps further, delving deep to determine the spaces your personas intersect. We call these intersections the Persona Nexus.

Zeroing in on these Nexus points provides you the exact market segment to target for maximum resonance and optimal conversion rates.

Clear personas and nexus points are the springboard for effective marketing. With this information, you are empowered to make impactful creative decisions and launch highly targeted advertising campaigns across channels your customers frequent.

“Using personas can drive results such as a 28% higher campaign response rate, 2-3 month shorter sales cycle, and 25% increase in marketing influenced revenue” –SiriusDecisions

Webinar Recording: Oniracom CMO, Mike Wald + InMarket Webinar

Anatomy of a Hyper-Successful Ad Campaign: How an Emerging Brand is Outpacing its Legacy Competitors

Our tech partner and friends at InMarket hosted our CMO, Mike Wald and local Santa Barbara company, ProYo's VP of Marketing, Mike Fransz on a great webinar this week! They discussed the ever changing and extremely cluttered grocery brand industry which is dominated by category giants who have been deploying huge ad budgets both in and outside of the store for years, giving them strong customer awareness and market penetration.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.47.22 PM.png

For ProYo, an emerging brand in the frozen dessert space, the reality is that every single dollar spent on consumer engagement must track back to sales and show a positive ROI.

Through targeted, effective and actionable media, brands like ProYo can deploy location-based digital advertising campaigns that have a powerful and measurable impact on real-world sales.

In this webinar, ProYo and Oniracom dissect how they took on goliath brands in a competitive space with the help of their tech partner inMarket.

Listen below to these speakers share their knowledge from all three perspectives as they examine how this campaign impacted sales in various markets — while also discussing the modern shopper marketing landscape and how mobile can level the playing field for challenger brands. 

Listen to the webinar recording below!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.50.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.16.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.00.52 PM.png

Learn more about InMarket can do for your business. Click here to find where you can purchase ProYo at your local grocery store! Don't miss out on the ProYo local story as a growing business here in Santa Barbara, CA.