Do you really know your customer?



  • We discover your target audience and guide you in the best way to sell to them.
  • We connect you directly with your ideal consumers!
  • We learn the behavior of your consumers so you're aware when they buy, how they buy and what medium best motivates them to buy.
  • We identify contexts for advertising, where your ideal customers spend their time, and identify the best manner to engage with them.
  • We profile and locate every single person online who match your ideal customer and invite them into your brand circle to expand your brand community.
  • Identify and connect directly to influencers who can create buzz and extend your offering to a larger audience.
  • We closely follow your competition and identify how they are ahead of you in business across social networks, forums and media. We share key insights with you, along with business opportunities for growth.
  • Develop demographic and psychographic information on your consumers to learn how to speak with your leads to ensure they convert.
  • We drive SALES.

Oniracom uncovers consumer insights through a suite of social listening, data mining and analysis tools.  We call this work Audience Intelligence.  

Today's consumers are savvy; they smell inauthenticity from a mile away, are familiar with how to block advertising, and demand transparency.  Word of mouth is still the gold standard, but generating that online is complex and requires finding and enlisting true influencers.

We help you find customers who have a genuine affinity for your brand.  Once  identified, we'll connect you with thousands more just like them, and add them to your community.

We've worked with clients such as Clarks Shoes, Inter-IKEA, Unilever, Ogilvy, JWT, Publicis, P&G and many more. We build custom social media command centers in house and train your brand + agency staff in best-practice social data insight work.



After setting up "the Listening Hub," key IKEA stakeholders were able to view what customers were saying about the brand in a digestible and engaging way. 

Sentiment and topic analysis of general conversation about IKEA in both the USA and UK was more positive than negative. However, when analyzing conversation in relation to customer service, tone from consumers was more negative than positive for both regions. 


By sharing such insights with other departments, the digital team was able to inform IKEA where online they can take action to improve the perception of the IKEA brand, which ambassadors they could influence, and which topics to focus on in order to boost the brand’s reputation online. 

"Information is being shared and directed to the appropriate departments for action, and a tangible culture of wisdom and experience sharing is emerging. " - IKEA

Thanks to insights and learnings taken from the social media command center within the Listening Hub, understanding within IKEA of the value and importance of social has improved. Information is being shared and directed to the appropriate departments for action, and a tangible culture of wisdom and experience sharing is emerging. 

"The Listening Hub provides stakeholders real insights into life at home for customers who are talking about IKEA online." - IKEA



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